Dent Repair Estimate

Video of why it's best to estimate dings and dents inside our shop instead of from text pictures or email. As you can see in the video it is very difficult to properly see the damage outdoors and impossible to know what braces are behind the damage.

Every dent is different as is every customer's needs and budget. To help us better serve you please let us know if you're looking for quality that exceeds industry standards or staying within a budget.

  1. Best: is in person so we can check for access issues, stretched metal, hairline cracks and if your car has been repainted before. If you have an insurance claim we can write a detailed estimate with specialized software from Audatexand ALLDATA. For these estimates we charge $20 but when you have us do the repairs you are credited $40
  2. Alright: Please send at least 3 photos from different angles from 7 feet away, preferably with a hard line reflection like a building, fence, or block wall. Also, provide a phone number, full name, make, model, year, entire VIN, or a clear picture of registration that shows the vehicle information, and a brief description of how the damage happened.
  3. Better than nothing: Quick Text Quotes are not accurate as there are to many variables. If you are going to send pictures please send at least 3 photos from different angles from 7 feet away, preferably with a hard line reflection like a building, fence, or block wall. Sent one at a time with no massage until after they have been sent at it goes into a slide show.

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    It is suggested you call or text as hour are subject to change

Illegal Insurer steering is Big Business

You have the Right to choose The Dent Devils Repair Facility

What is steering?

Insurance Companies directing insured’s to or away from specific automobile repair facilities. It is illegal for any insurer, their claim handlers or adjusters tell you that you ‘must’ take your vehicle to ___ Body shop!

Do I have to use the specific repair facility that the insurer recommends?

No, you have the absolute right to use the repair facility of your choice.

What problems for vehicle owners does illegal insurer steering cause?

When the insurer has cost cutting as their primary objective quality, safety, and post-repair resale value may suffer.  Shops that contract with insurer adhere to insurer mandates in exchange for continued ‘referrals’ (steering). These mandates ay restrict proper repair techniques, materials, and processes and may leave the repairer working to benefit the insurer, not the vehicle owner.

Have you been a victim of steering?

If you’ve ever been told (or sold on the idea) that you must use the insurance companies “Select” , “preferred” , “Recommended” or “direct” repair provider, then it is likely you were steered away from a body shop of your choice and that is illegal.  You have the absolute right to get your repairs done at any Body Shop that you choose!

What are some common misleading statements an insurer or their representative might say if they are using illegal steering?

“It will take longer to get your car repaired”, “It will cost more if you choose your own shop”, or “You’ll have to pay the difference out of pocket.” (The Dent Devils repair shop will help negotiate the repair procedures and cost on your behalf, so that your vehicle is properly repaired.)

What if my insurer says “We won’t guarantee the work if you go to The Dent Devils”?

The insurer does not provide the warranty; each body shop warranties their own work.

How can a person avoid being illegally steered if involved in an accident?

The best way is to know your rights and be prepared. Decide on what body shop YOU want your car repaired at before you call your insurer (ask friends or family for a recommendation if you are not familiar with repairers in your area).

Then when you call to file a claim you tell the insurer what body shop you have chosen to repair your vehicle. If the insurer tries to convince you to use the insurers shop you can tell them that you are well aware of your right to choose your own repair facility, you have already made a choice, and steering is illegal. 

The Dent Devils is happy to write a estimate, answer your questions and ensure safe and proper repairs to your vehicle. You are welcome to call anytime with questions about collision repairs.

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